You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Find out everything you need to know about the premium sunglasses brand that is changing the industry as you know it!


Who is Perri Fios?

Perri Fios is not a who, but a ‘what’. Derived from the French term meaning Perfect For You, we are a collective that is working hard to offer customers luxury sunglasses at affordable prices.


What is Perri Fios all about?

Perri Fios is all about changing the sunglasses industry. We noticed that for years, luxury sunglasses have been dominated by brand name companies that rely more on their reputation than the quality of their products. So, we are here to offer premium designer sunglasses at prices that customers can actually pay!


Where are your sunglasses designed?

All of our sunglasses are designed by an experienced team in the world’s fashion capital of France. We chose France because it is at the forefront of brilliant fashion, giving us an advantage in creating attractive and affordable sunglasses for you.


What are your sunglasses made out of?

To deliver sunglasses that look great, are comfortable and long-lasting, we use premium acetate that is delivered directly from Italy. Our premium acetate sunglasses are more durable than plastic sunglasses while offering superior comfort and fit.


What type of sunglasses lenses do you use?

All of our sunglasses use UV400 protected, fully polarised lenses. This means that our luxury sunglasses not only look great, but offer you first class protection from the sun at all times.


How can you afford to sell well-made sunglasses at such affordable prices?

Basically, we are resourceful. By building a network with strong relationships with designers, suppliers and manufacturers around the world, we are able to produce amazing sunglasses that don’t cost too much. And since we believe that great glasses should be affordable, we charge a fair price to ensure value for our customers!


Why should I buy a pair of Perri Fios sunglasses?

When you buy Perri Fios, you know that you are getting premium designed sunglasses that are going to look and feel great. Our wide range of styles and designs means that we have a pair of luxury sunglasses for everybody, without having to pay ridiculous prices that other brand names charge.